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Answers to questions about our services

How long will it take to get my website?

The time frame is based on your requirements. A custom website is an individual process, and depends to a large extent on how much you want to be involved in the design, and whether you already have photos and text at the start of the project.
Roughly speaking, you can expect several weeks for a one-pager or medium-sized website, larger sites will take longer.

Is 20% sales tax added to the price?

No, Webzauber does not charge sales tax - you pay exactly the price you see. Webzauber is therefore 20% cheaper than other web companies that charge sales tax.

Where can I get texts, photos or a logo?

We are happy to help you with writing texts, or creating a logo or graphics for you. For photos we are happy to refer you to a photographer that we know.

Does Webzauber also do web hosting?

Yes, the Business Hosting plan takes care of everything your website needs to be online. Unlimited changes to your website are also included, for example if you want to add new texts or images.

Does Webzauber use Wordpress?

No, websites that use Wordpress often load very slowly and have design limitations.
We don't use templates, instead we program everything custom-made for you. This way your website loads lightning fast and has a fresh, individual design.

What happens if I am not happy?

We give our best, matter of honor. But if it is still not enough, you will get your deposit fully refunded as promised. The designs or website made for you remain our property and cannot be used by you.

Can I deduct the costs of my website from my taxes?

Yes, you should be able to deduct the costs for the creation as well as for the operation (hosting) of your website from your taxes (at least this is the case in Austria, where we are based).
The prerequisite for this is that the website has a business benefit, for example that it informs the public about your practice or law firm.