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The 3 steps to get your website online


Personal meeting or video call

Clarify important points

Finalize written concept



Agree on photos and texts

Collaborative design

Finalize visual web design



Programming the website

Changes until everything fits

Final check together


Example project

Workflow and costs for a medium website

Example project

Workflow and costs for a medium website


Dr. Muster needs a website

The doctor has a practice in Vienna, and would like to increase her revenue by creating an online presence. It is important to her to present the practice professionally, and to introduce herself and her two employees with pictures and text.
In addition, Dr. Muster would like to communicate important information such as the address, contact details, and opening hours of the practice. The website should have a bright design with warm colors.


It starts with getting to know each other

After a phone conversation, Dr. Muster decides to implement her website with Webzauber. During a personal meeting or via video call, we work out the website concept together.
Dr. Muster decides on a medium-sized website with four pages: Home, Team, Contact, and an info page about various medical treatments. Additional pages like imprint or privacy policy are already included.


And how much does it cost?

The cost of a medium-size website is 1490€. Dr. Muster transfers 50% of this amount as a deposit to us, i.e. 745€. The rest of the amount is paid after the website is finished.
If Dr. Muster is not happy with the website, she gets a full refund of her deposit.


Collaborative design works best

Dr. Muster now sends us photos and texts for the website. We show Dr. Muster some other websites as design inspiration.
Based on Dr. Muster's wishes and ideas, we make suggestions that get more specific step by step. On this basis we create a visual web design that Dr. Muster likes.


On the home stretch

We program the website exactly as previously designed. To keep Dr. Muster up to date, if requested we give her weekly updates via email.
Once we're done, we look at the website together with Dr. Muster. If needed, we make changes until Dr. Muster is happy. We now put the final version online - Dr. Muster is online!


Done - what now?

Dr. Muster does not want to host the website herself, so she decided to get the Business Hosting plan for 59€ per month.
That means that we are still available for Dr. Muster any time she needs us, for example if the opening hours of her practice need to be changed. We make unlimited changes - everything included.